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Searching for a leading Ghostwriting Agency? Look no further!

Hire our ghostwriters and get your readers fascinated by your books!

Scholarly hands is your go-to destination for bringing your stories to life. our experienced ghostwriters, who’re well-versed in writing different genres, are ready to be hired and turn your ideas into captivating narratives.

As a distinguished book-writing company, Scholarly Hands stands as a beacon of hope for those authors wanting to write stories that resonates deeply with their readers. Our team of professional ghostwriters are eager to assist your writing process and help you turn your visions into reality.

At Scholarly Hands, we do understand how every story you present is unique, that’s why our agency is committed in providing excellent writing services across different genres. From fiction to Non-fiction, thrillers to memoirs, our experts can seamlessly adapt to your desired writing style to enhance your narrative’s essence.


From the creation of ideas till the magical moments of publication, our ghostwriter will take you on a journey, where every word is carefully chosen, every sentence is finely crafted and every chapter unfolds the story plot in a captivating manner.


Let our ghostwriters weave your unique insights into compelling writeups, leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a visionary bursting with ideas, our professionals will help you channel your expertise and inspirations over the pages of book.

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When it comes to writing your life memories into effective biographies, our team of expert biographers are here to document your legacy in a way that is widely appreciated through the annals of time.


If you’re an author who’s passionate to share informative pieces yet is finding someone who craft it in a way that doesn’t sound boring, then Scholarly Hands is here with their expert writers to ensure your message is heard by many to get inspired.

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Children's Book

At Scholarly Hands, we understand the intricacies involved in crafting stories for younger minds. Our writers collaborate with you to write stories not to entertain only, but to teach valuable lessons too. Join us on the journey, where the magic of storytelling merges with the expertise of our writers.


Our team of seasoned ghostwriters understands the demands of crafting memoirs that possesses a delicate interplay of emotions and maturity, and how someone’s life experiences deserved to be translated into captivating narratives.

From Manuscript to Masterpiece: Our 4-Step Ghostwriting Blueprint

Initiate your path to literary success with our 4-Step Publication Blueprint, which is designed to transform your manuscript into a published masterpiece. This Blueprint is our commitment to guide your manuscript with detailed attention and professionalism, facilitating a smooth transition to a widely acclaimed Publication.

Project Initiation

Place your order and share your project details to start crafting your story with precision.

Chapter Validation

Receive and review the first chapter, ensuring it aligns with your vision and style preferences.

Feedback and Revisions

Engage in a structured feedback loop, allowing for adjustments and revisions to hone your manuscript.

Final Editing & Proofreading

Undergo a final review with editing and proofreading to ensure your book embodies excellence and is publication-ready.

Frequently Asked Question!

Scholarly Hands is exceptionally proficient across different genres with a diverse creative writing approach. Our team of ghostwriters assures to deliver finely created content of the highest quality with a steadfast commitment to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Yes, our skilled team at Scholarly Hands can create captivating and original content in any writing style, including fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, self-help books, articles, journals, and more.

We'll deliver the first draft of your book on the date you need, depending on how long it is.

At Scholarly Hands, our customer service team is always ready to help you. If you encounter any problems, we'll stick with you until they're fixed.

We specialize in creating flawless books in both writing and cover design. Our dedicated teams collaborate to produce captivating book covers and dynamic online marketing strategies that entice readers and draw them in with our engaging content.

Many people have great ideas but struggle to write well. This can lead to errors in their writing, making it hard to publish or read. To avoid this problem, you can hire a specialist ghostwriter like ours at Scholarly Hands, who can understand your ideas and improve your book anonymously. Ghostwriters are skilled writers who don't take credit for the work they do. Having an editor who is also a ghostwriter is crucial for making your book stand out.


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