Discover the pool of talented ghostwriters helping you write your next best-seller.

Your dream of becoming a celebrated author is coming through when you give our wordsmiths a chance to write for you.

Experience the literary precision of our ghostwriters and how they’ll passionately deliver your brilliant manuscripts.

Translate, Promote and Sell your work online.

You can expand your audience and multiply your sales by letting us translate and promote your books online.

Establish your Networks Globally.

We can help you get published on leading platforms like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google, Ingram etc.

You own the rights to your work.

You’ll have complete ownership of your work and will reap all the revenue coming from sales.

Our brilliant services help empowering aspiring authors turn their dreams into captivating tales.

Do you struggle with words to describe your book idea? Or need a captivating speech for your upcoming conference, but are confused what to really say? Perhaps you’re eager to share your controversial insights in a journal but lack the expert touch?

Scholarly Hands is here to answer all the arising questions. A platform where your literary aspirations find a voice. We’re not just a ghostwriting company, we’re the alliance that aims to give a kickstart to your writing career. Your words deserve more than ink and paper, they deserve an audience eager to immerse themselves in the world you’ve crafted.

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