LHire our Ghostwriters to craft you books fascinating young minds.

Immerse the young readers with captivating tales and enchanting characters. Our writers are here to bless the parents and children with books which they’ll cherish forever.

Kids will be easily charmed by the books you’ll get written by us.

Our skillful ghostwriters at Scholarly Hands uplift children book writings by transforming it into an art that not only captivates young readers’ hearts but also resonate with people of every age.

Our writers understand the adventurous spirit of the young minds, so they give their best to infuse their books with magical plots and characters that enlighten and fascinate their minds.

Crafted with the finesse of award-winning expertise, your story becomes a masterpiece, especially when shared with the eager eyes of a child discovering the wonders of uniquely crafted worlds.

Initial Idea

We ask the author for initial submission of basic plot of story as well as detailed backgrounds of it.

Sample Creation

Our writer proceeds with the draft, pointing out suggestions and forward samples to gain feedback from the author.

Finalize Illustrations

After the author’s approval, the creative process begins and our illustrators brilliantly present their ideas while maintaining two-way communications with the author.

Final Revision

Our team of experts inspects if there are any glitches in illustrations and that it is your book illustrations are flawless and eye appealing.

Publishing and Delivery

Once approved, Our publishers formats the final book with the illustrations and writings just how the author likes. The final sample gets delivered within two weeks as well.

Children’s books get frequently organized by the target audience’s age group.

Picture books

(Manuscript Only)

Early reader books:

(Manuscript Only)

Chapter books:

(Manuscript Only)

Middle-Grade books:

(Manuscript Only)


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